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Portable USB 84 Disinfection Water Electrolytic Disinfection Machine For Sale / Electrical · New York City , New York City
Model Number: CN-305A Features: Working principle: edible salt + tap water = electrolytic salt water Only ordinary salt and tap water are needed to make environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, disinfectant at home, and to safely sterilize al...
84 Disinfection Water Maker Electrolytic Generator Liquid Manufacturing For Sale / Electrical · Minneapolis, Minneapolis/St Paul
Model Number: CN-302A Description: 1. Weight: 350 g 2. Material: PC 3. Capacity: 300 ml 4. Size: 24.8 x 7.5 cm 5. Voltage: 5 V 6. Power: 7W 7. Power Supply: USB Features: 1. Decomposes water and table salt into ions with disinfection effec...