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Before you use website, you must completely read and agree to the terms below:

1)You cannot insert ads which are illegal in your local area.
For example, nudity, violence, harassment, sexually explicit and violation of publicity rights, copyrights, trademark or any rights of any person.

2) You are resposible for any and all the information you provide, you are also responsible for any and all of your activities online.

3) is not involved in any transaction, it also does not guarantee the authenticiy of all the ads on the website.

4) reserve the rights to modify this terms of agreement without any notification.

If you use, you have read this agreement and agree to all the provisions of this terms of agreement.

Spam filter

Thanks for posting free ads on
Because there are more and more spam ads come to us, we decide to do spam filter.

If our system regard your ad as spam, you can see the ads once you verifid your email.
People won't see your ads under this situation.

You can report your ad to us if you think your ads is not spam.
We will approve it for you.

Now, we disallow these kind of ads:
penny auction, zeekler, escort, drugs, panda..

Also forbid scam ads as free adoption for puppy

And never repeat post same ads if you have alreay post one in one state or city.

Thanks, team